Exile Island 2016

Welcome to Exile Island

Exile Island is a fundraising event created and organized by The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, Ontario Chapter.  Tribes of 10 will be paired with a wish child and tasked with raising $10,000 each (the average cost of a Wish) to grant their child’s most heartfelt wish.  The relationship between the Wish Family and the Tribe representing them will be fostered in many ways leading up to the event, and will have lasting impressions in years to come.  Fundraising will take place in the months leading up to and on event day.

On September 23, 2016, Tribes will be exiled for the day and will take part in a variety of mental and physical challenges to determine who will be crowned the winners. This event is fun, interactive and encourages friendly competition.  Their Wish Child will act as their cheerleader for the duration of the day, keeping them apprised of their goal and motivating them along the way.


Are you ready to OUTSMART, OUTPLAY AND

OUTPLEDGE your competition?


Think you have what it takes to win?